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For Lawyers

Image by Hatice Yardım

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion 

Focusing on access, retention and

promotion in the legal profession via coaching, mentoring schemes and workshops. 


Social & Well-being

Events and resources designed to inspire, and support our membership.


Continuing Professional Development

Events and resources to keep Solicitors & Barristers abreast of new developments in the legal field.


Human Rights Projects

Contribute to human rights projects, initiated and led by our members.

For The Public


Public Interest Litigation

Undertake strategic litigation at the international, regional and national level in order to promote human rights


Information Guides & Workshops

We provide informative brochures and audio resources to inform members of the public their legal rights


Muslim Lawyers Action Group (MLAG) is an independent organisation committed to promoting equality, justice and the respect for human rights. Composed of a network of solicitors, barristers, academics and students, who act in a pro bono capacity, we believe that we can use our legal expertise to ‘give something back’ to our Community. 

Legal Disclaimer

The materials appearing on this website do not constitute legal advice and are provided for general information purposes only. No warranty, whether express or implied is given in relation to such materials. We shall not be liable for any technical, editorial, typographical or other errors or omissions within the information provided on this website, nor shall we be responsible for the content of any web images or information linked to this website.