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Last Updated: 07 April 2020

Residential Evictions Amidst the Pandemic

The Coronavirus Act (CA) 2020 enacted as an emergency response to the pandemic, came into effect on 26th March 2020 and brought sweeping legal changes across England and Wales. At a time when staying home is ever more important, many are now struggling to keep afloat with plummeting earnings and increased costs of living at home. The natural response for the Government was to announce protection for renters from residential evictions. This legislation changed the landscape of successful eviction overnight by introducing enhanced notice period for the length of the interim period of 6 months till 30th September 2020. Courts too complimented the law change by announcing a moratorium on accepting possession cases. This will be worrying times not only for tenants but for landlords who risk losing income from their property.

This article, by Nabila RafiqueSolicitor at Azurist & Lexpert Solicitors LLP, delves into the specific changes; the implications of these changes; and the best course of action to follow.  ​Read More...

Impact of Covid-19 on Private Landlords and Tenants

This brief Q & A document, prepared by Fred Rose, Solicitor at MWG Solicitors, aims to answer the following questions: 

- Can a landlord evict a tenant straight away because of coronavirus?

- What do the new rules on eviction mean?

- How long is the new notice period?

- What if the tenant had notice from the landlord before 26 March?

- Outline of the Government's position.

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