Mehwish Jabin is a Childcare Solicitor and has been working in the Public Sector, where her main workload is focussed on care proceedings  (i.e. Care Orders, Supervision Orders, and International Jurisdiction) She initially came  from private practice where she has developed knowledge and experience of the following areas of law such as, private family (including divorce, private child arrangements, care proceedings,  and family law injunctions involving domestic abuse) Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, Immigration and Civil Litigation. Mehwish's keen area of interest has always been Child Care/Child Protection and she continues to focus on this area as her main practice. 

Prior to qualifying as a Solicitor,  Mehwish volunteered in various charity organisations which focused on Human Rights and Women's Right. In 2010,  She did a Legal Internship in China where she provided a brief seminar on UK Immigration at the placement in Beijing,  where she focussed on entry requirements to enter in to the UK, as well as learning the Country's working culture.  

Mehwish was a member of Independent Advisory Group for Bedfordshire Police for 10 years where she along with other diverse members) worked closely but critically and independently with Bedfordshire Police to improve the quality and effectiveness of Bedfordshire Police Service and community safety and cohesion. 

Mehwish continues to work compassionately towards the community by giving free confidential advice once a month to vulnerable women who are unable to afford legal advice and representation. She is also involved in MLAG' Women's Rights Working Group as a co- head and working with MLAG's Social & WellBeing Group.