Public Interest Projects & Litigation


In Public Interest Projects & Litigation, we focus on identifying laws, policies and practices that impact communities unfairly. We continuously review new areas of law and government initiatives in respect of the practical impact on society.

We will consider projects and offer support in addressing issues and concerns unequally impacting marginalised or poor members of society.

We are an open and inclusive organisation that welcomes engagement by individuals and other groups that may require expert assistance or support. We work in collaboration with other organisations across the U.K. to achieve our objectives.

Our work includes:




We engage in and offer support in public interest litigation.


We engage with government bodies and policy makers at national and local levels, and advise on new and niche areas of law.


We offer training to lawyers, politicians, policy makers and other public interest groups on issues of concern.

Public Awareness

We raise awareness through free publications, seminars and events open to members of the public. | Muslim Lawyers Pro Bono Group

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