Umer is a Specialist in Islamic Finance. He started his career as an auditor within the big 4, specialising in the Real Estate and Construction sector, moving into Operational Risk working for a leading Global Bank, heading up international teams and managing risk across different sectors. Most recently in E-commerce, Umer managed a large-scale digital transformation programme ensuring good governance and a robust risk framework was implemented.


In addition, Umer has been actively involved in Islamic Finance for the last decade, working with some of the most notable UK scholars on shariah structuring and process reviews. He also sits on the board of the Islamic Council of Europe and heads up their Business Ethics and Finance department. Amongst his other pro-bono roles is as executive manager for UKIFC, the industry leading not-for-profit Islamic Finance body, where he worked as part of a specialist group that advised the government on offering shariah compliant student loans. He also serves as the Finance Editor for Islam21c, a leading Islamic website for Muslims in the West. 


Umer was recognised for his work in 2016 as "one to watch" in the city by Brummel magazine for not only his work in Islamic Finance but also his role as a member of the Steerco for the Cube Network, an umbrella organisation for professional corporate Muslim Networks and running leadership training for influencers in the city. Umer is a keen advocate for principles based ethical finance and has been quoted in various media globally and is often invited to speak at conferences on related topics.

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