MLAG's aim is to be the go-to legal support base for the U.K. Muslim community and a leading voice in promoting equality and justice across the legal profession. 

We are specifically committed to bringing together the thousands of Muslim legal professionals across the U.K. through connecting and promoting our network members and their skills.

What do we do?

01 Mentoring & Support: We provide information, encouragement and support to Muslim legal professionals so that they can progress within their own fields of practice, chambers, firm or organisation We also support those looking to gain access to the profession.


02 Networking: We are a diverse network of legal practitioners, professionals, academics and students. We provide a safe space for all to enjoy the company of others in the profession, to exchange experiences and ideas, and to support one another in the challenges we face. 

03  Strategic Litigation: We take on carefully selected 'impact' cases affecting the Muslim community to court and hope to bring about significant change in the law, policies and public awareness. 

04  Training & Events: We raise awareness of legal developments that affect our community via training events, workshops, webinars and seminars, and annual conferences.

05 Publications & Resources: We educate the public of their legal rights via our innovative digital resources.

The Muslim Lawyers Action Group (MLAG) is an umbrella organisation for independent legal practitioners, academics and students. Any legal advice provided by a barrister or solicitor who is a member of MLAG is provided in his or her individual capacity as a practicing barrister or solicitor and does not constitute the advice of MLAG.