We are committed to providing a voice for the thousands of Muslims lawyers that work in the legal sector - connecting and promoting  Muslim lawyers across the profession. At the same time, we are committed to promoting equality, justice and the respect for human rights and utilising our collective skills to advance these notions. 


01 Mentoring & Support: We will provide information, encouragement and support to Muslim lawyers, helping them to progress within their own field of practice, chambers, firm or organisation, as well as to those looking to gain access to the profession. Our aim is to break down barriers to success by providing appropriate support, advice and skills training.


02 Networking: We aim to create a diverse network of legal practitioners and professionals, academics and students. We would provide a safe space for you to enjoy the company of others in the profession, to exchange experiences and ideas, and to support one another in the challenges we face. 


03 Working Groups: We aim to utilise the skill set of our membership who wish to contribute to our Working Groups that focus on specific legal issues. The Working Groups engage with law and policy makers at the national and local levels, and empower communities to use the law as a tool for societal change.

04  Strategic Litigation: We take carefully selected 'impact' cases to court, we hope to bring about significant change in the law, policies and public awareness. 

05  Training & Events: We raise awareness of legal developments that affect the communities via training events, workshops, webinars and seminars, and annual conferences.

06  Publications & Resources: We educate the public of their legal rights via our easy-to-read guides, podcasts, videos and other innovative digital resources.

The Muslim Lawyers Action Group (MLAG) is an umbrella organisation for independent legal practitioners, academics and students. Any legal advice provided by a barrister or solicitor who is a member of MLAG is provided in his or her individual capacity as a practicing barrister or solicitor and does not constitute the advice of MLAG.