Muslim Lawyers Action Group (MLAG) consists of experienced solicitors and barristers who are highly regarded in their respective fields. We cover a large number of areas of specialisms.  Our members offer their services pro bono, alongside their independent legal practices.

MLAG was formed during the lockdown period in recognition of the fact that certain legal issues impacting the Muslim community needed to be addressed both during the corona virus pandemic and also generally. 


We believe that we can use our legal expertise to ‘give something back’ to our Community through a number of means:

01  Strategic Litigation: By taking carefully selected 'impact' cases to court, we hope to bring about significant change in the law, policies and public awareness. 

02  Public Interest Projects: By undertaking specific legal projects, which do not involve courtroom litigation, but have significant legal implications, we aim to engage with law and policy makers at the national and local levels, and to empower the community to use the law as a tool for societal change.

03  Training & Events: Raising awareness of legal developments that affect the Muslim Community via training events, webinars and seminars, and annual conferences.

04  Publications: Educating the public of their legal rights via our easy-to-read guides available on our website.

The Muslim Lawyers Action Group (MLAG) is an umbrella organisation for independent legal practitioners, academics and students. Any legal advice provided by a barrister or solicitor who is a member of MLAG is provided in his or her individual capacity as a practicing barrister or solicitor and does not constitute the advice of MLAG.

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