Zainab Zaeem-Sattar is an Associate Solicitor and has been with Summerfield Browne Solicitors in their litigation department since November 2019. She is currently the Chair for the Social & Wellbeing group for MLAG.


She joined Leicestershire Law Society (LLS) in 2018 as a sub board member and became a main committee member in May 2019. Zainab further chairs two sub groups at LLS; this being Membership and Equality and Diversity. She also sits on the team for Education & Training sub board.


Aside from volunteering her time at LLS, Zainab is also a legal mentor for De Montfort University’s employability mentoring scheme and volunteers her time for Leicester University’s legal clinic and Birmingham University’s Women in Law mentoring scheme.


As well as the above, Zainab is a radio presenter on Ramadan Radio FM with her show called ‘Breaking Stereotypes’ which airs every year for the duration of Ramadan.


In addition, Zainab is avid motor biker with a passion to help those who require the need for her skillset.